Adding the Minnesota Environmental Fund as a workplace giving choice builds employee morale, promotes outstanding corporate citizenship, and makes Minnesota a better place to do business. Our workplace giving program supports the efforts of a diverse group of member organizations that protect, conserve and restore Minnesota’s environment. Discover what the Minnesota Environmental Fund can do for your employees, your company, our community, and the environment.

For your employees
Adding the Minnesota Environmental Fund as a workplace giving choice makes it possible for your employees to help protect and preserve the natural resources that are the lifeblood of our communities. We empower your employees to make a difference in their community while at work. In addition, employee morale increases when employees have giving options that reflect the issues they care about.

The Minnesota Environmental Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Employee contributions through workplace giving are tax-deductible. 

For your company
Protecting the environment creates a better place for you to do business. Companies that offer an environmental giving option support economic development and build bridges to the community. More than 100 companies, nonprofit organizations, cities, and schools across Minnesota offer our workplace giving program to their employees. Our workplace partners »
For our community
The money we raise through workplace giving safeguards human health and protects the environment. We protect clean air and pristine wetlands, rivers and scenic lands, and ensure a healthy, sustainable food and energy supply for Minnesota families. We address the issues that impact the health of our families and our communities.
For our environment
Since 1991, the Minnesota Environmental Fund has raised more than $13 million to help fund the work of our member organizations. These dollars have positive impacts on Minnesota’s environment every year. Together with our member organizations, we work to provide every Minnesotan with clean water and air, healthy food, environmental education and access to the outdoors. Employees have the option to select one or more organizations to support, or distribute their donation across all of our members groups. Our members »
Sounds great! How does my company join?
If you already offer a payroll deduction plan to your employees, the mechanisms are in place. If not, you can easily add a payroll giving option if you have a process for deducting taxes, payroll savings, or retirement contributions. Our staff will help you every step of the way and will handle disbursement of all funds to the designated environmental organizations. How it works »
What happens after I join?
Our staff will give you everything your company needs to run a successful campaign. We can:

  • Present the Minnesota Environmental Fund to your employees
  • Customize the campaign to meet your employee needs
  • Provide ongoing support for your campaign coordinator or committee and,
  • Coordinate speakers, materials, trainings, pledge forms, and incentives.

Ready to join or want to learn more? Contact us at 651-917-1876 or info@mnenvirofund.org