Interest in gardening has surged amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and there are lots of good reasons to jump on the pandemic garden bandwagon. In addition to bolstering household food security in times of uncertainty, gardening has a wide range of benefits for people and the planet, including improved physical and mental health, connection with nature, benefits for pollinators, water quality, and more!
With last frost dates soon to pass for most of the state, we’ve rounded up some resources from our members and workplace partners to ensure your pandemic garden is a success.
  • Gardening newbs – The Sierra Club (an MEF member) and Vice have some well-rounded guides to sunshine, bed options, plant selection and more to get your pandemic gardening on.
  • Soil prep – The Minnesota Department of Health (an MEF workplace giving partner) offers tips for testing urban soils, workarounds if testing is inaccessible, and general soil preparation instructions.
  • Short on tools? Never fret – the Minnesota Tool Library has everything you need to get growing.
  • Farmers markets are a great place to buy garden plants and support local growers.
  • The ultimate online guide to growing in MN – University of Minnesota Extension (an MEF workplace giving partner) has an incredible library of resources for Minnesota gardeners! There is so. much. there. Some of our favorite resources include: their gardening calendarGarden Talk Wednesday Webinars, this all-around planting guide and guide to vegetable gardens, and A-Z vegetable gardening encyclopedia. They also run the state-wide Master Gardener program, where you can seek advice from experts. (All hail UMN extension! ??????)
We hope you found some useful resources here to get outside, get your hands in the dirt and get growing! Share your pandemic gardening endeavors with our community on Facebook and Instagram.