The Kick-Off Event

Start Right

A kickoff event is a fun way to educate your employees about the specifics of the campaign and the work the charitable federations are doing to benefit them and their communities.

  • Designate someone to be a Master of Ceremonies.
  • Invite your CEO, principal or president to deliver a brief speech on the importance of being an active citizen.
  • Give each federation participating in the campaign equal time. You may choose to have a charity/federation fair to complement your kickoff, or show the federation video(s) to inspire your donors.
  • Include stories or speakers that will have meaning to your employees.
  • Have information available for all employees, including information on the federations and a pledge form, even those unable to attend the kickoff.
  • Try to have enough kickoffs to reach all employees, including those with varying work sites or shifts.
  • Use incentives such as food, raffle prizes, and free giveaways to boost attendance.
  • Make it fun—include a game show, or have the kickoff during a pancake breakfast.
Kickoff agenda
  • Let your president or other key official set the tone and announce the campaign goals.
  • Describe each of the federations involved in your employee giving campaign and the charities they represent by having one or all of the following speakers:
    • A federation representative to give an overview of their organization.
    • A volunteer from one of the federation’s charities to tell a personal story.
    • An employee(s) from your own company to speak about his or her personal experience with one of more of the charities involved in your campaign.
  • Distribute pledge packets which should include federation brochures and a pledge card. Be sure that those who miss the meeting also get a packet.
  • Inform employees about the start and end dates of the campaign, including any additional event dates.
  • Introduce campaign contacts for each department and/or federation.
  • Review pledge card—how to complete it, where to turn it in.