The Healing Power of Nature

By February 20, 2014No Comments

Three years ago, Annie Young’s life changed dramatically when she lost her eyesight. She feared she would lose her hope as well, but an experience with Minnesota Environmental Fund member group Wilderness Inquiry served as a source of inspiration for Annie.

She says her week-long kayaking trip in the Apostle Island served as a “reminder of the healing power of nature and that we need to define our lives by what we can do, not by what we cannot.” Annie has spent her life being active in the outdoors, and she was thrilled to learn that her blindness had not changed her ability to do the things she loved. She just had to find a different way of doing them, and her WI trip was the perfect way to do just that.

In Annie’s words the trip allowed her “to rediscover the spirit, courage, and confidence to take risks, explore, and fully rejoin the world.” Annie says the natural world gave her life back, and she enjoys a richer, fuller life now. In a recent article Annie wrote she said, “for the sake of all humankind and to secure the medley of Earth’s biology, we must work together to preserve the wild places along with their wildlife.”