by Olivia Edwards

As giving season begins to wrap up, we reflect on all that happened this year in the world of giving and campaigns. That being said, every year, America’s Charities presents Snapshot, an analysis of trends in employee giving and volunteering. Snapshot 2017 was released this month, followed by a webinar presentation of this year’s findings. The results of Snapshot 2017 indicate the continually growing interest that employees have in charitable involvement in the workplace and what helps to make employee giving campaigns successful.

The relevance of employee giving today

Employee giving is increasingly becoming ingrained in the company cultures that make up today’s workforce. When evaluating workplace options, employees want to know what values a company and its management team uphold. Seventy percent of the employees surveyed stressed how crucial it is for the mission of their employer to align with their own personal values. Snapshot 2017 also found that almost three out of every five employees surveyed volunteer through work and almost half give through employee campaigns, showing just how important charitable involvement is. Findings also indicate that a whole 87 percent of companies surveyed understand that this expectation exists among their employees. What’s better is that companies are reacting to the need, ultimately making them more attractive employers and increasing the positive impacts that they can have in the world.

Beyond aligning values, employee giving and volunteering encourages employee engagement, especially in a world where traditional office settings are seen less and less. Charitable campaigns often present in-office competitions, celebrations and activities that allow employees to work for causes that inspire them and give them opportunities to interact with colleagues, leading to boosts of employee morale and satisfaction.

Making the most of employee giving

The findings of Snapshot 2017 stressed the importance of offering giving choices to employees. When it comes to giving both time and money, people want to have a say in where their contributions are going. If employees don’t feel that the causes that they care about are represented, then the chances of them giving dramatically decrease. As a matter of fact, about 30 percent of employees say they will not give if their cause is not an option to give to.

Another key component to successful employee giving is providing employees with the right technology to give. Ideally, the proper technology will allow employees to be easily informed on the cause that they’re giving to. Most important though, is that the giving platform needs to be easy to use. Snapshot 2017 indicates that an overwhelming number of employees prefer that platform to be an online one.

Giving with the Minnesota Environmental Fund

The Minnesota Environmental Fund (MEF) is offered as an employee giving option at over 100 workplaces. When employees choose to give to MEF, their donations are used to restore and conserve the environment right here in Minnesota. MEF works with 19 member organizations, each a non-profit organization with key focuses on environmental protection. Together, MEF and the member organizations focus on providing Minnesotans with clean water and quality air, access to the outdoors and education on sustainable living and healthy food.

We make it easy for you to talk to your employer about offering MEF as a giving choice in your office. Simply identify the campaign coordinator at your workplace and introduce them to MEF. Provide them with our contact information and we will take it from there.