Sunsetting of the Minnesota Environmental Fund

A Letter to Our Supporters

October 6, 2021

Dear Supporters,

We are grateful for your generous support of the Minnesota Environmental Fund over the years. Since 1991, we have been proud to direct more than $14 million toward protecting Minnesota’s environment — engaging thousands of donors like you in the movement for Minnesota and our planet each year. The work we’ve accomplished over the years would never have been possible without your crucial support. 

Despite the proud work we have accomplished together, we are sad to announce we will be sunsetting as an organization in 2022, due to lack of sufficient participation in workplace fundraising efforts in recent years. Unfortunately, several organizations like ours that focus on workplace giving initiatives have been experiencing similar decline in long-term participation, and our organization has not been immune to this reality.  

Although we’re closing our doors, more than ever there’s a need to continue giving to the hard-working organizations in our networks. Without the donations funneled through Minnesota Environmental Fund, our member organizations could stand to lose half a million dollars in vital funding to continue their missions, so we’d highly encourage you consider continuing to give directly to any one of them, in a long-term capacity if possible. To find your perfect match, view the full list of our member organizations at Additionally, all gifts made to the Minnesota Environmental Fund through our closure will go toward our efforts to ensure the futures of our members. 

We also encourage you to stay engaged in the important work you have helped make happen – sign up at to receive updates from the environmental organizations you care about most. 

The Minnesota Environmental Fund would like to thank you for your support and generosity over the last 30 years. You have had a direct impact on keeping Minnesota’s waters clean, our air breathable, and our lands full of life. We encourage you to take this chance to get engaged directly with the organizations you’ve supported through the Minnesota Environmental Fund by making a gift of support today.  

With sincere gratitude on behalf of the MEF Board of Directors, 

Kim Lawler
Board President