You’ve been asked to be the campaign manager of
your workplace giving campaign – what now?


Engage Leadership & Volunteer
Form a committee. Committees can organize events, help with publicity, hand out and collect pledge forms and provide support for you and for the campaign.

For example: A three-person committee at HGA works together to organize the campaign for the architectural firm of 400 employees.

Let you company’s executives know how important their leadership and involvement is to a successful campaign. Ask them to be visible givers and leaders.

For example: The University of Minnesota campaign char met with the Deans of each college to try to increase the rate of participation.

Set a Giving Goal
Campaigns do better when everyone is striving towards a visible goal. A campaign goal helps employees determine their own level of giving and gives people a sense of achievement when it is reached. It can be a goal for each workplace giving federation represented (Minnesota Environmental Fund, United Way, United Arts, etc.) or a goal for the total amount of money raised for your community.

For example: HealthPartners set a total workplace giving campaign-wide goal with an increase over the previous years’ total. With support from staff and a strong network of volunteers, they increased participation among their 5,300 employees and met their goal.

Offer a Company Match
Many companies offer matching gift programs that will double, even triple a donation’s value. Company matches greatly increase donation levels and employee participation.

Host Events
Gather employees and generate excitement for the campaign. The Minnesota Environmental Fund can provide resources, along with speakers, materials, and door prizes. The kick-off is a great opportunity for employees to learn about the Minnesota Environmental Fund and how their donation will impact the community.

For example: At their kick-off event, Hennepin County sells hot dog lunches and invites each workplace giving federation to staff an information table. Employees that visit each table are entered into a drawing for door prizes.

Events throughout the year and across the company keep the momentum going and help get more people involved.

For example: Imation invites the Minnesota Environmental Fund to its all-staff meeting to show a video and give a brief talk about our work.

Energize and Educate with Communication
Use internal communication (newsletters, social media, intra- or internet) to communicate department events, nonprofit information, words of encouragement from leadership, contest prize winners and—most important—progress toward your campaign goal.

For example: Ramsey County uses an internal online magazine to inform employees about what’s going on with the campaign.

To educate your employees about the Minnesota Environmental Fund, you can use our video, print materials, speakers, e-newsletter, or online impact stories. We can work with you to plan an environmentally-focused employee activity or event.

For example: The Minnesota Environmental Fund can provide a speaker from Eureka Recycling on ways to engage your office in recycling and composting.

Celebrate reaching your campaign goals! Recognize departments that had the largest increase in giving, the best event, the largest percentage of employee participation, etc. Thank leadership and committee volunteers. Use newsletters or door prizes to publicize everyone’s hard work, and what a difference it will make in the community. Make people feel good about their involvement.

For example: Mounds View schools prints an article about the campaign and donor acknowledgements in their newsletter.