‘Tis the season for reflecting on the year passed and setting resolves for growth in the year to come. If New Year’s Resolutions are part of your holiday tradition, consider adding a resolution for the environment in 2020!

Here are 5 easy ways you can give back to Minnesota’s environment in 2020:

1. Stay informed about environmental issues in Minnesota. From protecting the Boundary Waters to advocating for climate action, environmental causes will continue in the headlines in 2020, and Minnesota Environmental Fund member organizations fighting for our environment behind each one. Check out “The five environmental stories to watch in 2020” from MinnPost for a quick primer, and stay tuned to our newsletter for regular updates on the work of our members and ways you can help.
2. Reduce your consumption of single-use items. Examine your use and identify places where you can make easy changes. Be it carrying reusable shopping bags, bringing your own travel mug on your morning coffee runs, shopping in the bulk section of the grocery store, or writing to your favorite companies to urge them to make more environmentally-friendly packaging choices; even the smallest changes add up.
3. Green your plate. There are many ways to make our diets more sustainable – eat more plants and less meat, shop locally at farmers markets or buy into a Community-Supported-Agriculture (CSA) program, plan a “clean out the fridge” dinner every week to reduce food waste – Find something that feels doable to you and your family and set a goal.
4. Put your household on an “Energy Diet”. Take a page from Andrew Postman, who documented the journey to cut their household carbon emissions by more than half a ton in this New York Times article. The story is relatable, inspiring, and full of ideas for simple ways to reduce your own household carbon footprint.
5. Give to Minnesota’s environment. The Minnesota Environmental Fund protects, conserves, and restores Minnesota’s environment by supporting leading non-profit organizations with one common goal: maintaining Minnesota’s treasured natural resources and quality of life. This work would not be possible without the generous support of donors like you. Please consider making a year-end gift to help us start 2020 strong for our environment.