Maintaining Voyageurs National Park

By February 20, 2014No Comments

In this time of ongoing federal budget cuts, Voyageurs National Park struggles to provide visitors with the services and recreational opportunities they expect from a National Park. Keeping the Park’s 60 miles of foot trails safe and enjoyable for the public is one of the most difficult needs for the Park to meet. The Park had to eliminate its dedicated trail clearing positions even though visitors were getting lost on certain overgrown segments of the Park’s forested trail system.

Since the trails are the primary way for visitors to experience the Park’s forests, wetlands and interior lakes, Voyageurs National Park Association stepped in. Starting in 2006, we’ve organized volunteers to remove brush from 15 miles of trails, monitor another 11 miles, and clear a beautiful, secluded camping area. This year, we will do even more. We will organize volunteers to monitor all 60 miles of the Park trail system, clear trails, and maintain campsites too.