When you give to the Minnesota Environmental Fund, you are ensuring that Minnesota can continue to provide leadership nationally on sustainable energy and climate change issues. Together we can increase energy savings, improve access to renewable energy, reduce greenhouse gas emission and engage in solutions to climate change. Your donations are promoting energy and climate change action by:
  • Advocating through policy and law that focuses on three key strategies: advocating for reliability and energy efficiency, reducing hazardous emissions from coal-fired power plants and promoting transition to renewable energy.

  • Empowering people to engage in solutions to climate change and building climate literacy among different communities and future generations.

  • Fostering collaboration with stakeholders from business, government and nonprofit sectors to achieve Minnesota’s mandated 1.5% energy savings goal.

  • Increasing local options to select renewable energy and highlighting the health and equity impacts of energy investments.

Your donations will support these Minnesota nonprofits whose missions align with our energy and climate change goals:

Audubon Minnesota

Clean Water Fund

Environmental Initiative

Eureka Recycling

Izaak Walton League of America, Minnesota Division

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

North American Water Office

Sierra Club Foundation



Photo by Erin Weller