Over the past several weeks, more and more Minnesotans are finding refuge in the outdoors. Simple things like deep breaths of fresh air, sun on our faces, and watching our neighborhoods bud and bloom help us relax and inspire reflection, vitality, and renewal. While we treasure Minnesota’s stunning forests, prairies, and shorelines, this time spent close to home has moved us to appreciate the more fundamental ways in which our environment supports the health and well-being of each and every Minnesotan.
While there have been many important wins for our state’s environment in recent months, other news including rollbacks of environmental protections, relaxed rules for polluters, and discouraging reports on the state of our lakes and rivers illustrate that our work to protect, conserve, and restore Minnesota’s environment is far from complete.
This week is #GiveAtHomeMN – a celebration of Minnesota’s generosity during tough times, and a call to give back as we’re able to help the organizations that make our state a great place to live, work and play.
During this week of giving, we’re asking you to think about the ways Minnesota’s environment supports you, and consider making a gift to protect it. Your gifts to the Minnesota Environmental Fund help ensure the environment remains a priority in our state, and protect its beauty for future generations.
Make a Gift to the Environment