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Minnesota Environmental Fund
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Thank you!

Your help is needed before June 30th to bridge a budget shortfall and maintain critical environmental programs.

Today we are asking for your help. 

Your gift is necessary to maintain critical programs to protect and restore Minnesota’s environment. Your gift is needed to keep our waters drinkable, our air breathable, and our lands full of life.

We’ve just been through a year unlike any other. Minnesota’s incredible outdoor spaces were an especially important refuge for all of us through the pandemic.

Parks, trails, lakes, and open spaces became some of the safest places to connect with those we love. And many of us also went to nature to find healing and restoration during one of the most stressful and difficult times in a generation.

In many ways, the environment was there for us.

Our work has always been to give back – to work diligently to protect Minnesota’s environment so that future generations can find this same refuge in nature when they need it most.

But as you read this, the Minnesota Environmental Fund is facing intersecting challenges. We are facing a budget shortfall at a time when the need for work to protect Minnesota’s natural resources is greater than ever. 

Because of the pandemic, major workplace giving campaigns for our environment were canceled. While we were able to bridge some of this gap, as we approach the end of our fiscal year on June 30th, we are still facing a shortfall of $7,500.

So we need friends like you. Will you make a gift before our June 30 fundraising deadline to protect Minnesota’s air, water, land, and wildlife so that future generations can enjoy its beauty? 

One gift – 10,000 reasons why

The Minnesota Environmental Fund protects, conserves, and restores Minnesota’s environment by supporting leading non-profit organizations with one common goal: maintaining Minnesota’s treasured natural resources and quality of life.

When you give to the Minnesota Environmental Fund, you help protect the natural resources and outdoor places we know and love for future generations. From ensuring clean drinking water and combating climate change to supporting renewable energy and growing healthy food – one gift, 10,000 reasons why.

Support all of Minnesota’s most pressing environmental causes with just one gift. 

Giving to the Minnesota Environmental Fund is the easiest way to support our state’s environment in a holistic way.  One gift supports a variety of issues, from clean water and air, healthy food, and parks and trails, to climate change, transportation, and environmental advocacy.

100% of your gift stays right here in Minnesota.

Your tax-deductible gifts to the Minnesota Environmental Fund allow us to support the work of more than 20 leading nonprofits working to protect, conserve, and restore our state’s treasured natural heritage:

  • Audubon Minnesota
  • Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota
  • Clean Water Fund
  • Environmental Initiative
  • Freshwater Society
  • Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness
  • Friends of the Mississippi River
  • Izaak Walton League of America, Minnesota Division
  • Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance
  • Land Stewardship Project
  • Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy
  • Mississippi Park Connection
  • North American Water Office
  • Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota
  • Sierra Club Foundation
  • The Trust for Public Land
  • Tree Trust
  • Voyageurs Conservancy
  • Wilderness Inquiry
  • Women’s Environmental Institute

Privacy Statement: The Minnesota Environmental Fund protects the confidentiality of our donors and their private information. The Fund does not share its donor or mailing lists with any third party.