Campaign Ideas

Hold an event

The reason to have an event is to engage employees in workplace giving. If workplace giving is new to your organization, consider inviting the Minnesota Environmental Fund (MEF) to participate with a table, banners and information. This gives employees a chance to ask questions and get more information.

Events are also a fun way to involve co-workers in the campaign. The type of event you do depends on the size of your organization, the size of your planning committee and the budget. It doesn’t have to take a lot of money or planning to pull-off a fun and informative event.

Planning your event:
  1. Decide on what type of event would work well in your workplace
  2. Determine what (if any) budget you have to work with
  3. Get “buy-in” and support from upper management for event
  4. Assemble a planning committee to help with planning and day of event
  5. Prepare materials and pledge forms for employees (MEF can help)
  6. Determine what incentives would work best at your company
  7. Keep presentations short or loop information on a video
  8. Make your event fun by using some of the following ideas
The Kick-off Event

A kick-off event is a fun way to educate and energize your employees about the specifics of the campaign and the work of the Minnesota Environmental Fund.

  • Designate someone to be a Master of Ceremonies.
  • Invite company leadership to give a brief speech on the importance of being an active citizen.
  • Include stories or speakers that will have meaning to your employees.
  • Have information available for all employees, including information about the Minnesota Environmental Fund and a pledge form.
  • Try to have a big event or enough events to reach all employees, including those with varying work sites or shifts.
  • Use incentives such as food, raffle prizes, and free giveaways to boost attendance.
Kick-off agenda
  • Let your president or other key official set the tone and announce the campaign goals and company match, if any.
  • Distribute pledge packets which should include Minnesota Environmental Fund brochures and a pledge card. Be sure that those who miss the meeting also get a packet.
  • Inform employees about the start and end dates of the campaign, including any additional event dates.
  • Introduce campaign contacts for each department
  • Review pledge card—how to complete it, where to turn it in.
Food Related Events

Use the power of food to gather employees together in support of the campaign!

Ice Cream Social
  • Host an ice cream social, where employees can build a sundae or make a root beer float.
Breakfast Buffet
  • A breakfast buffet would draw many employees and provide a nice kick-off or wrap-up for the week.
Dessert Dash
  • Provide quick, finger-food desserts for employees that complete a pledge form or donation.
Brown Bag Lunch
  • Easy on the budget, a brown bag lunch brings people together for little cost. You can still consider offering beverages and desserts!
Who doesn’t like a good competition? Have fun by setting up a contest to raise awareness of the campaign and money for Minnesota Environmental Fund. Charge an entry fee and offer a prize and/or special recognition for the winner. Entry fees are distributed to the Minnesota Environmental Fund and count toward department and company goals.

Here are a few contests some of our donors have had:

Jeans Day
  • Dress casual for charity! Give employees the opportunity to dress down by allowing them to purchase a sticker indicating their participation in Jeans Day
Tricycle Race
  • Map out a course with orange cones and let employees race their tricycles, big wheels, etc. Organize teams or compete individually. Publish winners’ names in the employee newsletter and take lots of pictures.
Paper Airplane Race
  • Employees make their own paper airplanes. Charge an entry fee of $1 or $2. Get all the participants together and fly at one time, or one at a time.
Coin Toss/Coin Collection
  • Use a large ice cream bucket. Form teams by department, division, etc. Participants use coins in their pocket, desk drawers, collection mugs at home. Teams try to have the highest number at the end of the competition. Donate all the coins to Minnesota Environmental Fund and give the winning department special recognition or a prize.
  • Set up a large thermometer in the lobby or other public place to say how you are doing against your goal (dollars raised or % of employees participating).
Guessing games
  • Guess the number of jelly beans (or other small items) in a jar
Bean Bag toss
  • Set up a competition between departments