Board Nominations Announcement

Seeking qualified candidates to serve on 2018 Board of Directors

The Minnesota Environmental Fund provides employees with learning and giving opportunities at work, and gives the funds to support the 19 environmental organizations that protect, conserve, and restore Minnesota’s environment.  Employees with giving choices are more engaged and productive, and workplaces with strong workplace giving for Minnesota’s environment are recognized as vital community partners.


MEF is seeking directors for 2018 – 20, including at-large and member-affiliated directors, to start in January 2018.
Directors provide leadership in strategic planning and increasing workplace education and giving, all to support quality of life for all people in Minnesota: drinking water, healthy food, clean energy, natural places, and access to the outdoors.


We are also seeking qualified committee and task force members and advisors for: Finance, Member Relations, Nominating, Marketing Task Force, New Private Workplace advisors, Workplace Volunteerism advisors.

MEF is especially seeking (though not limited to) candidates with one or more of the following skills/qualifications:
  • Finance – accounting
  • Legal expertise, especially nonprofit legal expertise
  • Business development and strategy expertise
  • Diversity
  • Board governance
  • Human Resources, Employee Engagement
  • Connections to or representation from Minnesota’s major industries/employers
  • Networking capacity and energy
  • Workplace volunteerism
Ideal candidates will:
  • Have a demonstrated passion for improving the environment in Minnesota
  • Be committed to active participation in six board meetings per year, plus committee work and special sessions, as needed (3-5 hours/month)
  • Be interested in helping MEF grow through outreach within his/her personal/professional network and workplace
  • Embrace collaborative approaches
  • Make MEF one of his/her top three charitable causes
  • Be willing to serve a three-year term

We are meeting with potential candidates and will present our slate of candidates to the MEF Board by early November. A three-year term of service would begin in January 2018.


Contact: Margaret Levin, Sierra Club North Star Chapter and Chair of the MEF Nominations Committee:, 612-259-2446