The Minnesota Environmental Fund is proud to provide a payroll giving option that supports Minnesota’s environment. In 1991, we realized that workplaces were giving their employees options to give to various causes, however the environment was not one of those causes. So, the Minnesota Environmental Fund was formed with six member organizations.



The Minnesota Environmental Fund engages individuals and workplaces to support leading nonprofit organizations that protect, conserve and restore Minnesota’s environment.



Shaping a sustainable and just future for Minnesota’s environment – clean water, clean air, clean energy, healthy food and natural places for wildlife and all people.



The Minnesota Environmental Fund values and prioritizes:

the prevention of human health problems from air, water and toxic pollution.

the preservation and conservation of fresh water, marine and land resources.

the development of educational programs which promote a sound and balanced use of natural resources.

the preservation of biological diversity and wildlife habitat.

the monitoring of governmental enforcement of environmental laws.

general purposes that support maintenance of the natural environment.


Since our beginning days, we have raised over


through workplace giving campaigns.


By providing education, volunteer opportunities and a payroll giving option to employees, the Minnesota Environmental Fund now supports the work of nineteen member organizations. Each is a leading organization working to protect, conserve, and restore Minnesota’s environment.